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Did you know?
We no longer accept any household chemicals or two part epoxies.
And due to insurance recommendations, we no longer accept ladders.

Watch the ReStore Weekly Roundup also affectionately called the WeeStore Weekly Woundup. Subscribe on YouTube or simply watch it here. Find out what’s going on each week at the ReStore in Eugene, Oregon as well as what’s happening at Habitat for Humanity of Central Lane.
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Are you interested in volunteering at the ReStore? We could always use a helping hand. Please contact Chelsee Barrett at 541.741.1707 or email Chelsee

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Are you interested in volunteering on a build, a home repair program, special project or at the ReStore? To get started you will need to attend a volunteer orientation. The next orientation is November 12 at 5:30 pm
Location: 1210 Oak Patch Road