Community Based Art Projects

The ReStore in Eugene has had a few community based art projects and we are currently about to start another one.

Local artist, Susan Markley, created the mural at the inside upper left of the store – above lighting and lumber. Learn More

The outside wall facing towards Amazon Creek we gave local graffiti artist, Gabe, the opportunity to do his street magic.  The original mural which currently is still visible, is featured in Pokemon Go as The Eye of the Sun which many a Pokemon have been battled and captured.  Gabe has been busy coming up with a whole new design soon.

Our “Welcome to Your Restore” sign which hangs above from the ceiling was made by Victoria.  She was given free rein to comb through the store to find all of the items.  Can you guess what all was used to create it?

And finally, a new project has emerged from Victoria who would foresees building a volunteer team to help create a multidimensional mural on the inside righthand side of the store.  The goal is to recreate a Nicaraguan village to honor our tithe partner, Nicaragua.  Did you know that for every home we build here, we build a home in Nicaragua? If you’re interested in participating, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Chelsee Barrett at 541.741.1707.