Discount Days

Please note:  The following discount programs listed here may be combined with ReStore Rewards.
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Senior Discount Day

On this day, if you were 39 and older in 1996 or born in 1957, you are eligible for the ReStore senior discount.  Every Wednesday seniors who are 62 and older will receive an extra 10% off all purchases, including sale items.

Military and Active Duty First Responder Discount Day

Every Thursday, Military and Active Duty First Responders with valid ID, will receive an extra 10% off all purchases including sale items.

Additional Discounts Available for:

Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

Non-Profits (which include many educational institutions) may receive a 10% off discount card if the organization provides  a copy of the organization’s IRS determination letter.  The discount will ONLY apply if the non-profit discount card is provided at time of purchase. 

DISCLAIMER: On rare occasions some items may be exempt from any discount.