Return Policy

30 Day Return Policy

The ReStore of Habitat for Humanity of Central Lane located in Eugene has a 30 (thirty) day return policy on all items EXCEPT furniture and online sales (in rare circumstances other items might be exempt from this policy).  Here are the following policies and procedures that we follow at the store:

You MUST have a receipt to receive a refund.  If you do not have a receipt, we will not be able to issue any kind of refund, this includes store credit.

Why?  Having a receipt is the only way that we can verify a purchase.


Cash Sale Return:  We do not issue cash refunds. If you purchase your item with cash please be advised that you have two options for your return.  You may opt for a check issued by the main office of Habitat for Humanity of Central Lane, accounting cuts checks once a week or that of a store credit which never expires.

Credit/Debit Return:  If you purchase your item(s) via debit/credit card, we are able to authorize a refund directly back onto your card.

Please note: While we have issued a refund back onto your card, which you will know when you sign the credit slip receipt, we have NO control over how long it takes your bank to process the refund.  Therefore do not automatically assume that your credit will be reflected in your balance when you leave our store.

It is our goal to make our customers happy and comfortable with their purchases, these policies have been instituted for your protection as well as ours.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

Behind the cashiers are helpful signs, not just for our return and sales policy.