Truck Assistant

Accountable to:      ReStore Director,  ReStore Manager, Donation Procurment

Description:   The primary responsibility of this position is to assist the driver of the ReStore truck to pick up donations from businesses and individuals. This position represents Habitat and the ReStore to the public. The position requires the ability to apply ReStore donation policies in conjunction with the ability to load and unload the truck.


  • Follow mapped out route to donors’ locations and load donated items into the truck
  • Write out donor slip correctly and accurately
  • Be knowledgeable about what items are and are not accepted, and be able to decline items if necessary.
  • Be prepared with a list of alternate organizations the donor can contact if the ReStore is unable to accept the item.
  • Load carefully, securely and orderly the items the ReStore is accepting into the vehicle.
  • Thank the donor and encourage them to donate again by being friendly and helpful.
  • Unload vehicle at the ReStore.
  • Make sure vehicle has gas and is clean for the next driver.
  • Maintain the basic needs of the vehicle by following the set check list.


·        Desire to help the Habitat ReStore with its mission of providing funds for the Habitat for Humanity of Central Lane building program

·        Friendly and helpful attitude

·        Ability to lift 50+ lbs

·        Clean driving record